Histoires de Parfums: Rosam, Petroleum, Ambrarem

cinkja 18.09.11 09:21

Histoires de Parfums: Rosam, Petroleum, Ambrarem

Absolu de Parfum 18% – 60 ml

Rosam (Vegetale)

Note di testa: limone e petali di rosa
Note di cuore: zafferano, incenso, assoluta di rosa
Note di coda: ambra, legno di sandalo, patchouli e oud

Petroleum (Minerale)

Note di testa: oud, bergamotto, aldeidi
Note di cuore: rosa, oud, ambra
Note di coda; oud, assoluta di zibetto africano, cuoio, patchouli, muschio bianco

Ambrarem (Animale)

Note di testa: pepe rosa, elemi
Note di cuore: assoluta di iris, oud, zafferano
Note di cosa: assoluta di castoreum, vaniglia Bourbon, sandalo e ambra



verunka2201 13.01.12 21:04

60 ml za 125 €.
A mně tedy napsali 20% koncentraci, tak nevím. Asi dodatečně změnili názor a ještě to zahustili :D

Perfumer Gerald Ghislain transforms and redefines with his creative brilliance.
Petroleum, Ambrarem & Rosam
Dominated by the rare and precious Oud, this exclusive collection is deliberately embellished with a palette of Petrol, Rose and Amber, materials long used in traditional perfumery. He has revealed their fierce strength, veracity and raw beauty making each an emblem of our natural Earth, undisturbed by human interference… Plants, Minerals and Animals.

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