How to recognize CHANEL perfumes: a short guide.

Andre Moreau 14.01.14 18:10

How to recognize CHANEL perfumes: a short guide.

Another big effort: after Guerlain, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, here's to you:

How to recognize CHANEL perfumes (batch-by-batch, year-by-year).…erfumes.html…thelostscent

Andre :mavam:


Ef 15.01.14 18:20

@Andre Moreau Thank you for overwhelming infomations, so much work on it! I have a question, maybe a bit stupid? How do I recognize if Chanel flacon (Guerlain, Dior, YSL, whatever) is dummy(factice)? Is there some rule for all things which were made just for publicity/deco­ration? Thank you very much for the answer.

Andre Moreau 15.01.14 18:54

hi, usually „factices“ (bottles for expositions in shops) don't contain real perfume, but only water. Factices usually are much bigger than normal bottles ( 500 ml, 1 liter)

Testers are for „test“ perfumes and are normal perfume bottles, containing normal perfume, but without boxes.

Fake perfumes dont't contain real perfume and usually don't have the batch numbers BOTH on box and bottle.

Ef 15.01.14 19:01

@Andre Moreau Thank you very much for fast answer ;) Yes, I know all you mentioned. I can recognize factice just by eyes if it's vaporisater, but if it's flacon type splash, I am lost. I have bad experience with Chanel No.5 perfume with box, all looked so damn real but after I opened waxed top, I found out very quickly it was factice :,(
Look at these photos please…

Andre Moreau 22.01.14 20:26

yes, I had a lot of problems too with these bottle. the best thing is to ask for a picture of the batch code, preferably the one on the bottle. Sorry for that bottle.

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