The Black Swan (DKNY 1992)

Andre Moreau 11.03.14 21:16

The Black Swan (DKNY 1992)…DSCF5144.jpg…DSCF5126.jpg

Nicknamed „The Black'n'Gold Swan“: it's hard to say where to start, talking about this perfume.
We could start from its glamorous image, typical of the late Eighties in NY. Or to consider that it was presented as a scent „for women“, playing around leathery and incense notes (actually being perfectly wearable by male audience…). Or could we discuss about the bottle, a true piece of Modern Art?
Or its absurd price on auction sites nowadays? (pictures)…an-1992.html


domenica 11.03.14 21:19

@Andre Moreau
Uno dei gioielli. Grazie per ricordarcelo. :palec:

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