Vierge de Fer: Iron Maiden Serge Lt

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Vierge de Fer: Iron Maiden Serge Lt

…čerpáno z fragrantica:

The fragrance focuses on lily (a flower Serge has highlighted previously in his Un Lys) with a mineral, hard and cold aspect that recalls the hardness of iron and incense. According to Lutens himself: „The lily in Vierge de Fer is more glorious than in Un Lys. That one was fresher, more lily-like, actually. It played on the whiteness of lily. This one [Vierge de Fer] plays on the heady aspect. It's a lily whose pollen hasn't been dusted off, it has kept its stamens and anthers. This is a lily which affronts, once again.“*
Od 09/2013


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Ef 11.07.13 18:37

V pulce srpna budu mit odstrik, moc a moc se tesim :pankac: Hned pak popisu ;)

moudjahidine 12.07.13 09:18

Tak to se u Serge zase po hodně dlouhý době na něco vyloženě těšim. :dance: :dance:

naja1 12.07.13 09:20

Ráda bych to zkusila už jenom kvůli tomu názvu 8)

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